Good evening, friends!  As it’s been some time since I’ve shared my heart with all of you, I feel compelled to take some time to do so.  So pull up a chair and visit, for awhile.

I’ve spent some time recently reflecting on aging – and working through what impact that has on my life.  At one time, I was the youngest lady in most groups that I became part of.  Twenty years later, that is no longer the case!  Even in my office at work, I look around me and there are salesmen (and ladies) who are just having their first children!  At church, as well – the Sunday School group that my husband and I “belong to” – is no longer the youngest, adult small group at our church.  Strangely, every now and again I find myself being surprised by this.  As I continue to consider it,  I’ve decided that there are benefits directly related to getting older.  One of which is the experience, and the wisdom to mentor younger women.  As we go through different “stages” of life, each stage provides us with experiences and memories that never leave us.  Those experiences – some joyful, some heart breaking, and some just challenging – provide us with knowledge, and insight which can be used to mentor generations behind us.

As I reflect on the last couple years of my own life, it occurs to me that one of the things that has become important to me – is having a group of strong, elder Christian women in my own life who act as role models to me.  For the last several years, this has been integral for me – since distance and (my) job schedule have prohibited me from communicating with my own Mother as frequently as I would like.  For the last couple of years, the group of people that my husband and I dance with are predominantly senior couples – and in the time that we’ve been dancing with them, I’ve come to realize that several of the ladies in this group have wisdom that I can learn from – as long as I take the time to build relationships, with them!  There are also some elder, more senior ladies in my church Worship Choir – who are strong, wise Christian women – yet have always given freely of their time, whenever I’ve asked it of them.   Recently, this has gained importance to me – as I’ve begun struggling to discern what my “goals” are – how I will define my life, throughout the next twenty years or so.  As concerns, and priorities continue to change for me, I need to continue to keep some elder “mentors” in my life.  Individuals who I can look to for encouragement, and guidance – in my life.

Now that I’m entering my forties, I find myself in a position where I have gained some life experience – from which I can mentor younger women than myself.  Ladies who, perhaps, have (or are just having) young children – and who’s parents do not live near them.  Or ladies who are just now making plans to return to work, after being out of the “professional” work force for a few years – during which they’ve stayed at home to raise children.  Even in regard to establishing a balance – between raising children, and personal happiness as a woman!  These are all topics that I feel I’ve gained enough experience, from – to be able to share with younger women.  As God has laid these things on my heart, I pray about opportunities to do so.  Perhaps even through public speaking, if that is where God leads in the future! In this season of life, I need these friendships with other women – in order to find some “balance” between my professional, and my personal life.  Both are important – both significant – but as I continue to age, and start looking back – am I going to be able to feel that I’ve influenced . . . . that I’ve impacted, anyone else’s life – with mine?  And if so, how?  In regards to what?

This is one of the things that I’ve spent some time reflecting on recently.  One of the things that’s become a bit of a preoccupation, with me.  Just recently, there are several of you who have provided me support, and encouragement – through private Facebook messages, and I’m truly grateful!  Your friendship in the midst of a bit of a difficult time, in my life – means more to me than I can say.  I treasure being part of your lives, as well.  Anytime that you desire prayer, or encouragement – I would be honored.  Good evening, and thank you for visiting with me for a little while again.

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