On Life Coincidences . . .

Greetings, friends!  This afternoon, I have cause to be meditating on faith and God’s direction for my life – so please pull up a chair, and visit for awhile.

As many of you know, my husband and I have spent the last month or so making some monumental changes in our lives – and the life of our two, teenaged children.  As we’ve proceeded with different changes, in sequence – we’ve found ourselves asking – at times – whether the changes that we’re making have anything to do with God’s vision, for our lives – or if they’re all the result of our two, combined strong self-wills.  I don’t think that any of you that have ever made monumental life changes – before – would debate the fact that at times, that’s one of the things that we do – as couples.  We attempt to “control” our lives – ultimately – because on a day-to-day basis, it is difficult to always discern whether the decisions that we’re making are God’s plan for our lives – or are just paths that we, in our selfishness – want to follow.  It is my belief that sometimes – on rare occasions – they wind up being the same one.  The experience that I had earlier this morning seemed to support that fact.

Last Friday,  my husband and I signed a purchase agreement on a home in the Auburn, WA area – which is still under construction.  It will not be the home of our dreams – and the way that it has been designed, there are several different rooms that we are going to have to be creative about furnishing, in order to accomodate our furniture and our lifestyle!  However, it is a beautiful home – is within our budget as a couple – and is going to be completed soon enough that it will enable most of the rest of our current life “transitions” to be smooth, and uncomplicated.  Finding it, and being able to secure it – within two weeks of arriving in the greater Seattle area – truly was God’s first miracle, in our lives recently!  Until the builder gets it completed, and we are able to close on it – we will continue to live with a gracious, hospitable aunt and uncle of my husband’s.

Now that the matter of a home for our family is – more or less – taken care of, it was just now coming time for me to begin thinking about employment for myself, again.  Just yesterday afternoon, I had given some thought to exactly how – and with whom – I was going to do this.  Additionally, I had also just begun considering what – exactly – I’m going to do, with all of the time that I have on my hands – right now.  Coincidentally, earlier this morning I received a call from a high ranking manager of the company that I had been working for – before my husband and I left the Minneapolis, MN area!  It seems that one of the company offices in this area, is in desperate need of some administrative assistance.  Unfortunately, the district office that is in need of help is not the district office that is closest to me.  If the situation is to work out, it will be a situation wherein I will work – remotely – from Southern Seattle, for an outlying – satellite – company office.  If it actually comes to pass, it will be a bit of a unique situation.  However, you and I both know of similar situations which have been logistically maneuvered for much lesser, smaller companies!

I believe that the timing of this event transpiring in my life – completely out of coincidence – has been the result of a deep, and abiding faith in God.  As my husband and I began taking steps to terminate many facets of our lives, in the Minneapolis area – we frequently questioned whether doing so was something that we really should be proceeding with, and is in line with God’s plan for our lives – or whether we would arrive in the Seattle area and have everything fall completely apart, for us!  At the time, we felt no “guidance” from our Lord, and Savior.  It was our conclusion that at this time in our lives, God was – for whatever reason – being silent.  However, as together we have prepared, and slowly begun to establish a life together, here – it has become apparent that God has not forsaken us – but has been blessing our decisions, every step of the way!  This has only come as the result of having faith in Him.

Many years ago, as my husband and I went through many of the same processes – leaving most of our friends and family in the Seattle, WA area and making preparations to move to Minneapolis, MN – because my husband had gotten a job there.  In the midst of doing so, we experienced many of the same emotions/ fears.  But as we worked through technicality, after technicality, after technicality – and prayed together through all of it, it seemed that doors just continued to open for us!  Yes – it was difficult – physically, and emotionally.  At times, we found ourselves questioning why God would ever call anyone to move so far away from their families of origin – and the support structure that we had built, around us.  But we stepped out with faith – and God provided for us!  In the last two decades, these monumental life experiences have convinced me that what God has in store for us is not always just what we see laid out in front of us, or the path that we lay out for ourselves.

In parting, I just want to wish blessings on all of you!  Continue to live your life for God – and I think that you’ll see that He is not only able to meet your needs, but is sufficient to fulfill the deepest longings of your heart!!   In Faith,


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