On Obsessions and Contentment

Good evening, friends!  Here are my reflections for today – for any of you who are interested.      In recent weeks, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about things – stuff.  Mostly in relation to money – and my current lack of it.  There are so many things that I want – and mostly, only because I know that getting them will make me happy momentarily.  But then, I…

stop and think about what Jesus says in the Bible about contentment.  Why is it that – at times – it feels so important to have things?   In society today, we get bombarded from all sides by the media with television commercials, Internet “pop-ups”, and signs in shop windows stroking our egos and convincing us that we would be happier if we just had . . .  I’ve decided that in some cases, there is some truth to be had in this.  With careful financial management, I’ve had the ability to purchase some nicer quality (read – more expensive) clothes to wear to work.  Doing so has made a difference – as I find that the more “professional” I look, when I’m working – the better that I feel about myself!  That being said, however – in regard to other things, I try to be much more discriminating about the financial choices that I make and the benefit of whatever I purchase.    Financially, my husband and I have always done pretty well.  As a result, for years I haven’t had to be too careful about my spending.  More recently, however – times have gotten tougher and I’ve had to start being more discerning.  As I reflect on my financial state and my discontent, it occurs to me that my poor attitude is influencing my ability to truly worship God!  God has gifted me with so much – and blessings, besides – in the form of strong, and Godly friendships – that I should be profoundly grateful, rather than feeling dissatisfied and stressed.  Additionally, my husband and I know so many people who are out of work right now – and cannot find jobs for anything.  We know others, also who have always been very careful with their money – but due to a stroke of bad luck – or a series of (coincidental) events beyond their control – are having their homes foreclosed on.  As I bear their hardships in mind, and pray for their families the thought occurs to me that . . . . how much better off, and happier would I be in the future if rather than spending money on material goods, anytime that I am able to start accumulating a little bit of extra – if I started putting it into savings in the bank, so that I could “gift” it to those in my acquaintance who aren’t as blessed as I am, and could really use it!  It wasn’t until my husband and I went through a small-group Bible Study with our pastor, that I really got the true concept of generosity!  Oh, I had known for years what the word meant – but when studied “in-depth” and presented the way that he presented it, the concept suddenly took on a much larger meaning!   In modern society, until about ten years ago when the market suddenly took a plunge – it seemed that there were so many professions that paid very, very well and so many people that made significant amounts of money that I think it started becoming easy for us to become truly selfish, and not to worship God for the gifts that he has given us!  It seems that in society today, that’s just not the case anymore.  As we look around us at current economic trends, it is easy to observe that many families are cutting way back (or out, completely) on luxuries – and only spending money on necessities.   When we look at what the Bible says about caring for our Brothers, how much more so – then – if those of us who have more give out of our abundant riches ?  And how might doing so impact our self-images?    As these things have begun to weigh more on my heart recently, I’m finding that it is becoming much easier to be content with what I have – and to, as they say – give thanks, with a truly grateful heart!  Blessings to you and your families, friends – and I pray that God continues to bless all of you abundantly!!

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