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On The Power of Affirmation and Generosity

Good evening, friends!  This shall be a shorter blog than usual.  This evening, I just feel compelled to share a bit about the power of affirmation and gifts in people’s lives.  This is common knowledge for most of us – but it never hurts to reiterate it again, every so often.  Earlier this evening, I had an experience that is probably going to se…

em fairly benign, to most of you.  But it moved me to start reflecting – once again – on the incredible power of affirmation in people’s lives!  I had logged on to Facebook – as I generally do on evenings that our family doesn’t have any activities, for a couple of hours.  Any of you that know me well, know that usually after logging on – I do spend about an hour playing FarmVille.  But this evening, I wasn’t logging on with the intention of playing, at all.  Just to monitor how many of my friends (and family in WA State) were online, and who is doing what – and thinking about what – this evening.  Not long after I logged on, an “Instant Message” window popped open, and I had greetings from an old, Senior High classmate of mine – who’s blogs I’ve been following for about four months now.  We didn’t wind up conversing for very long, but he opened the conversation by saying “You’re awesome!”  I asked him why (as I didn’t recall having done anything particularly deserving of that strong of a sentiment) – and he responded with, “You just are!”  Now – it’s not that I have a low self-image to begin with, but . . . . generally speaking, on a daily basis this is not the kind of sentiment that I receive from most people that I work – or associate – with!!  In the midst of a long week in the office, however – and some minor trials at home with my teenage children – it was amazing how just that – single, positive comment is still resounding within me, and has made my evening!  It also made me reflect on a time – back almost a year ago, now – prior to Christmas of 2011 – when I had gone into a Caribou (MN chain coffee shop) before work one morning – to get a cup of coffee.  The early morning line had progressed to the point where I only had one person in front of me.  When it came to be the customer in front of me’s turn to make her order, she stepped up to the counter and ordered her cup of coffee – and then told the barista who was waiting on her to put whatever I wished on her “tab”, as well.  I’d never been so surprised in my life!!  It’s not that people in MN aren’t – generally – generous, but believe me friends – even here, that is not a regular morning occurrence at Caribou!  But that generous gesture made the rest of my week, that week!  It wasn’t like I didn’t have enough cash – right “in hand” that morning – to pay for my coffee, but the generosity of the gesture made me feel so good that for the rest of my week, I found myself reflecting on the thought that perhaps I should start doing that for others – as often as possible! For many of us who work in fast-paced, demanding, emotionally draining jobs/offices – it is really amazing how far positive, affirming statements to others – and public “edification” – can go!  I’ve also found that occasional acts of generosity can go a long way towards making others feel that they’re important!  In several chapters of the Bible, God calls us to love and affirm others – and to share with our neighbors out of all our riches.  I believe that not only in the season of Advent, but all year long we need to bear these sentiments in mind as we go about our daily lives.  Affirmation and generosity really do impact others – and they’re both so easy to grace others with. These are my reflections for this evening.  Blessings to all of you and your families – and as always, I anticipate your feedback friends!   : )